Ethics Statement

Our Commitment to Ethical Journalism

At TechWafer, our commitment to delivering accurate, unbiased, and high-quality content is at the core of our mission. We value the trust of our readers and strive to provide transparency regarding our ethical guidelines and practices. In a world where information disseminates through various platforms, we believe that establishing clear ethical standards is essential to inform our audience of the origin of our information and ensure its reliability.

Editorial Independence

TechWafer’s most significant asset is the editorial independence that allows us to bring you stories without fear or favor. We take pride in providing honest and critical coverage of individuals and companies in the tech industry. Our editorial team adheres to a stringent code of conduct, which includes the following key principles:

  • We do not accept any form of value from companies or their PR firms.
  • We do not agree to preconditions for coverage that dictate what we must say.
  • We never allow subjects of our reporting to preview or approve interview questions or review our stories before publication.
  • Our reporters do not cover individuals or companies where they have a personal conflict.
  • We do not engage in paid endorsements of any kind.
  • We do not invest personally in companies we cover.
  • Our editorial team does not produce paid content.

Our policy against accepting anything of value from the companies we cover encompasses gifts, meals, discounted services, paid trips, and other similar items. TechWafer covers all travel expenses, including transportation, food, and accommodations, for events.

Professional Conduct

In addition to upholding our editorial independence, our reporters adhere to industry-standard ethical guidelines for reporting. We prioritize fact-checking, source protection, minimizing the risk of harm, and striving for accuracy and honesty in everything we publish. We base our professional conduct on recognized journalistic standards.

Sourcing Standards at TechWafer

We maintain rigorous standards for sourcing to ensure that you, our readers, can trust the information we provide. Our approach to sourcing includes the following definitions:


Most conversations with TechWafer reporters and editors are considered “on the record.” This means that we record what you say and may identify you by name in our reporting. We typically expect corporate communications professionals and individuals speaking in an official capacity to be on the record, unless there is a specific reason to go off the record.


Conversations “on background” allow you to speak to us without specific identification. Corporate communications professionals speaking officially may not be attributed as “a source familiar.”


When we agree to conversations “off the record,” the information you share with us will not be used in our reporting unless we can source it independently. Our general practice is not to readily agree to off-the-record conversations with corporate communications professionals or individuals speaking officially without specific reasons.


A dedicated team manages TechWafer’s advertising operations. This team is responsible for selling advertising space on our platforms. Sponsored content, produced independently by our advertising teams, is distinctly labeled as “Advertiser Content.” It’s important to note that advertisements may not necessarily represent the views of TechWafer or our editorial teams.

While our editorial teams do not directly accept money or other consideration for writing reviews or stories, we may produce editorial content made possible through the support of sponsors. This content is labeled as “Presented” by the respective sponsor. Our sponsors may choose which content to support, but we do not permit our advertising team, or sponsors to compromise the editorial integrity of our teams and their content. Learn more about Advertising on TechWafer here.

Corrections and Updates

Despite our best efforts to maintain accuracy, errors may occasionally occur. When we discover mistakes, we promptly issue corrections or updates to rectify the situation.


Our reviews are impartial and represent the independent assessments of our editorial team. We do not accept payment for reviews, and our editorial team does not engage in paid-for reviews of any kind. Occasionally, companies may provide products for evaluation, but this does not influence our reviews.

Personal Investing

TechWafer employees refrain from investing in companies we cover. They are expressly prohibited from trading stocks of these companies or entities in the technology sector. Furthermore, employees cannot own or trade cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin.

Other Employment

TechWafer does not permit its employees to be employed by or receive compensation from companies they are likely to cover. They also cannot have advisory roles at these companies, whether paid or unpaid, without the express permission of the editor-in-chief.


We welcome feedback from our readers. If you have any concerns about our ethical standards or the content we produce, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at [email protected]

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