What is Bottleneck? and Best Bottleneck Calculator 2019

Many of your the PC Builders are most of the time checking for the bottleneck of a system checking bottleneck is undoubtedly not an easy process. You’ll have to add CPU and GPU and then compare their performance. However, there is an easy way to avoid all hassle, and it is using Bottleneck calculators that help you calculate bottleneck percentage without physically adding a component in your system.

What is Bottleneck in CPU Building?

Well, bottleneck concept is something relating to getting 100s of input at a time from a component while you have processing capability of only 10 in particular time unit. A bottleneck is quite simple at its core while remaining an issue many people are not aware of. Bottlenecks, in computers, are a phenomenon that occurs when a given computer part is too slow, old or otherwise incompatible with another part causing data packets to be slowed down, stuck in traffic and sometimes even lost.

Best Bottleneck Calculator 2019

These are the best calculator to calculate bottleneck percentage and component affecting the performance of your system I’ve found in my research.

1. PC-Build’s Calculator for Bottleneck

This calculator from PC-Build’s is pretty simple and easy to use. You need to select the part of your system and click on the calculator to check the bottleneck percentage. It will display the part of the system that has the most effect on your PC’s performance.

Link: https://pc-builds.com/calculator/

To calculate bottleneck of your system, select your components, for example, GPU, CPU, and RAM along with storage, then click “Calculate.”

bottleneck calculator 2019 pc-build

One the very next screen calculation results will show and also the major contributor in the bottleneck percentage. They also suggest component that can lower your rate and improve the performance of your system.

2. Bottlenecked’s Calculator

Their calculator is another improved calculator but its one-second number because of the bugs on their web. Sometimes it doesn’t work, and you have to recalculate the bottleneck percentage again. This system also helps you find the place to buy the product which hurts system performance or contribute most in bottleneck percentage.

Link: https://www.bottlenecked.org/calculator

It is simple to calculate the process select component of the system that you are planning to build one by one and press the “Submit” button.

best bottleneck calculator 2019Once you press the SUBMIT button, you will be redirected to next page press “Reveal Result” button to check the calculation result.

bottleneck calculator 2019

These are the two reliable websites that I’ve found and tried on the web. If you know of any other calculator to calculate bottleneck of system do share it in the comment section so we can test and add it in the list.