Epomaker TH80-X Review: An In-Depth Experience

Epomaker TH80 X Review

In this in-depth review, we will take a closer look at the Epomaker TH80-X, a mechanical keyboard with a built-in LCD screen. Epomaker is known for their affordable and customizable keyboards, and the TH80-X is their latest offering in the market. If you’re looking for more premium option we recently reviewed Epomaker RT100 which checks all the boxes. In this article we will evaluate TH80-X design and build quality to its performance and other features.

Unboxing Experience:

As you slide open the box of your new Epomaker TH80-X, the first thing that greets you is a visual spectacle of well-packaged components. The unboxing experience is quite enjoyable.

Inside, you’ll find:

  • The TH80-X Keyboard: Nestled safely in protective semi transparent paper.
  • USB-C Cable: A braided USB-C cable that is not just durable but also adds to the aesthetic appeal of the setup.
  • Keycap Puller and Switch Puller: For customizing your experience.
  • Additional Switches: For those who crave a personalized touch, there are extra switches.

Disclaimer: The Epomaker TH80-X reviewed in this article was provided by the manufacturer for evaluation purposes. However, it didn’t had any affect on our testing and evaluation of the product.

Epomaker TH80-X Design and Build Quality

When talking about the design of the Epomaker TH80-X, one can’t overlook its gasket-mount design. This unique feature isolates the PCB (printed circuit board) from the case. The result? An impressively flexible typing experience with reduced typing noise. The dimensions of the keyboard are 340mm x 138mm x 39mm, and it weighs 1117 grams, making it portable and easy to carry around.

TH80 X Keyboard

However, the TH80-X uses stiffer gasket mounts compared to its counterparts. This makes the top plate slightly more rigid than other gasket mounted keyboards.

This might be seen as a con if you’re a fan of more flexible gasket mounted keyboards.


The advantage of this structure is that it significantly reduces noise, enhancing your overall typing comfort.

Typing Experience

When it comes to the typing experience, the TH80-X doesn’t disappoint. It comes with stock linear switches, offering a typing experience similar to that of Cherry Red switches.

TH80 X Extra Switches

The key to any keyboard’s appeal is a satisfying typing experience, and this model certainly delivers. Let’s delve into some of the standout features.

  • Stock Linear Switches: These are similar to Cherry Red switches, offering a smooth and linear keystroke without any tactile bump or audible click. Perfect for those who prefer a quiet and seamless typing experience.
  • Dummy Switch Stabilizers: These ensure that each keypress is stable and uniform, eliminating any key wobble. It’s a small detail, but it contributes significantly to the overall feel of the keyboard.
  • Pre-lubed Switches: The switches and stabilizers come pre-lubed from the factory. This means no rattling noise when you’re typing away at full speed. It’s a testament to the attention to detail that Epomaker has put into this keyboard.

Note: The TH80-X comes ready to use right out of the box, with no need for additional modifications or adjustments. It’s the perfect choice for both beginners and seasoned typists alike.

TH80 X Unboxing

Epomaker TH80-X Screen

The built-in LCD screen of the Epomaker TH80-X is without question, its crowning glory. This unique feature doesn’t just add a stylish touch to the keyboard, but also displays practical information that enhances usability. Let’s delve into the features that make this screen stand out.

Epomaker TH8x0 X Mini Display

  • Battery Status: A quick glance at the screen gives you real-time updates on your battery level.
  • Connection Mode: Whether you’re connected via Bluetooth or a wired setup, the screen keeps you informed.
  • Date and Time: No need to disrupt your workflow by checking your device for the time or date.
  • RGB Effect: Each RGB effect is named on the screen for your convenience.

In addition to these, the Epomaker TH80-X screen is capable of displaying custom animations, logos, and images. Epomaker driver software allows you to upload GIFs and photos directly onto the screen.

“The Epomaker TH80-X built-in LCD screen isn’t just a pretty addition. It’s a functional feature that brings a new level of interaction and customization to your keyboard experience.”

When it comes to RGB effects, the Epomaker TH80-X offers an array of options. You can choose from dynamic and static multicolored effects, or opt for a more simplistic, single color static effect. Whichever you pick, your keyboard is sure to light up your workspace with style.

TH80-X’s screen interaction

The Epomaker TH80-X’s screen interaction is user-friendly and efficient. The process involves two distinct modes: multimedia mode and screen interaction mode, which are toggled by pressing fn+knob.

Epomaker TH80 X Knob

  • Multimedia Mode: In this mode, the knob serves as a volume control or performs a remapped function. The keyboard automatically reverts to this mode after 5 seconds of inactivity.
  • Screen Interaction Mode: This mode transforms the display into a showcase for a media file or system information. Navigation through menus is simple and intuitive with the use of the knob. Pressing the knob takes you to the main menu.

The main menu features seven sub-menus: “photo/gif,” “lights,” “rgb color,” “brightness,” “speed,” “os mode,” and “layer.”

With these options, you’re able to customize your keyboard to perfectly fit your needs and aesthetic.

Rubber Pad and 2.4Ghz Holder

The Epomaker TH80-X has many features inside its sleek casing to improve typing. Notably, it has rubber pads and a magnetized slot for storing the non-branded 2.4ghz dongle.

2.4Ghz Connector

The keyboard’s height can be adjusted to suit the user’s preference. With the short feet, the top row of keys measures 4.5cm high. Conversely, with the tall feet risers, it measures 5cm high. For those who prefer a lower profile, the bottom row’s height is 3cm.

Height Adjustment Top Row Height
With Short Feet 4.5 cm
With Tall Feet Risers 5 cm
Bottom Row’s Height 3 cm

Even without feet risers, the top row stands 4cm high, with the knob protruding slightly higher over the keyboard.

Epomaker TH80-X Connectivity

One of the standout features of the TH80-X is its connectivity options. It offers three connectivity options: Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless receiver, and USB-C wired.

Epomaker TH80 X Review

Bluetooth: This wireless connection eliminates the need for cables, providing a clutter-free and convenient setup. The TH80-X supports Bluetooth connectivity.

2.4GHz Wireless Receiver: In addition to Bluetooth, the TH80-X features a 2.4GHz wireless receiver option. This wireless receiver provides a low-latency ideal for gaming.

USB-C Wired: For users who prefer a wired connection, the TH80-X offers USB-C connectivity. It provides consistent and responsive typing experience. The wired connection eliminates the need for batteries or worrying about wireless signal interference.

Tri-Mode Connectivity: The TH80-X stands out with its tri-mode connectivity, offering Bluetooth, 2.4GHz wireless, and USB-C wired options. This tri-mode connectivity provides users with the flexibility to switch between different connection modes based on their needs and preferences.

The TH80-X is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Windows, Mac, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices.

Epomaker TH80-X Switch Options

Epomaker offers two distinct choices for the TH80-X switches: Gateron black and yellow linear switches, or their own Flamingo linear switches. Each offers a unique and differentiated typing experience to cater to individual preferences.

  • Gateron Black and Yellow Linear Switches

Gateron switches, renowned in the mechanical keyboard community, are known for their smooth and consistent feel. Gateron offers two types of switches:

  • Gateron Black Switches: These have a heavier actuation force, thus ideal for users who prefer a firmer typing experience or want to avoid accidental key presses.Gateron Black Switch
  • Gateron Yellow Switches: These switches provide a smoother and easier typing experience with a lighter actuation force. Fast and responsive typing enthusiasts usually favor these.

“Switch preferences are subjective and depend on personal typing style. Some users may prefer the heavier actuation force of the Gateron black switches for a more tactile typing experience. Others may find the lighter actuation force of the Gateron yellow switches better for their typing speed and accuracy.”

  • Epomaker Flamingo Linear Switches

The Epomaker proprietary Flamingo switches delivers a satisfying typing experience with their smooth keystrokes. These switches strike a balance with a medium actuation force, offering a middle ground between the Gateron black and yellow switches.Epomaker Flamingo Switch

“The Flamingo switches offer a smooth typing experience without being too heavy or too light.”

Epomaker TH80-X Keycaps

When it comes to the Epomaker TH80-X Keycaps, the TH80-X are double shot ABS in the Nae profile. ABS keycaps are known to have a hollow sound, but these keycaps defy that stereotype by offering a pleasant sound and pitch. The profile may be slightly different from the standard OEM profile, yet it offers comfort while typing.

TH80 X Keyboard

Material and Construction play a significant role in the durability of the TH80-X keycaps. They are made of ABS plastic, a common material used in keycap manufacturing known for its durability and resistance to wear and tear. Plus, the double shot molding process ensures that the legends on the keycaps are permanently engraved, preventing them from fading or wearing off over time.

This construction method adds to the longevity and overall quality of the keycaps.

Moving onto the Profile and Shape of the TH80-X keycaps, they feature the Nae profile. While this profile is similar in height to the standard OEM profile, it offers a comfortable typing experience with a slight incline in the number and function key rows. Though not as sculpted or contoured as other profiles like Cherry or SA, the Nae profile provides an ergonomic feel most users find familiar.

Lastly, let’s talk about Sound and Feel. While ABS keycaps are known to produce a higher-pitched sound compared to keycaps made of other materials like PBT, the TH80-X keycaps pleasantly surprise with their sound and pitch. The typing experience these keycaps offer is enjoyable, thanks to the smooth keystrokes provided by the Flamingo linear switches. Their sound is not overly hollow or tinny, a common concern with ABS keycaps.

Battery Life

The TH80-X boasts a powerful 8,000mAh battery. With constant use and maximum backlight, it loses roughly 6% of its charge daily. You can extend its life considerably by lowering the backlight or turning it off.

Epomaker TH80 X Review

Battery Capacity: The TH80-X has a really 8,000mAh battery, which means it can last for a really long time without needing to be charged. It has a much bigger battery than most other keyboards, which makes it really special.

Estimated Use Time: The TH80-X has around 100 hours of battery life without RGB lighting. This is more than the TH80, giving users more use time.  It’s worth noting that the TH80’s battery life is only 30 hours with the RGBs turned on in Bluetooth mode and increases to 40 hours in 2.4Ghz mode.

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