TCL C845 Review: Perfect for Gaming and Movies

by Shumail Ali
TCL C845 Review

Recently, TCL launched its latest C series lineup, including the C645, C745, and the focus of our review, the C845. From its sleek design to its advanced miniLED technology, we will explore why the TCL C845 is a good contender in the world of smart TVs. As an upgraded version of the recently reviewed TCL 745, it offers advanced features at a slightly higher price point.

Before we proceed with the review, please note that our analysis of the TCL C845 is based on rigorous testing and real-world usage scenarios. While we did receive a review sample of the TCL C845, it was solely for testing purposes and does not influence any aspect of our forthcoming review.

Design and Build Quality

The TCL C845 greets you with a clean and streamlined design, draped in a dark grey plastic chassis. Notably, its flat center-aligned stand provides robust stability to the 65-inch behemoth, whether placed on a table or wall-mounted.

The TV’s ports are conveniently positioned to the side, ensuring accessibility even in wall-mounted configurations. It’s an ergonomic design that understands practicality.

Features and Functionality

The TCL C845 offers a range of features that enhance the overall viewing experience. One of the notable additions to TCL’s 2023 line-up is zone dimming. TCL introduced the zone dimming feature in the TCL C835, the predecessor of the C845.

This technology allows for more precise control over the backlight, resulting in improved contrast and HDR peak brightness.

TCL C845 review display

The TV runs on the Google TV platform, providing access to popular apps and services. Additionally, it includes HDMI 2.1 ports, which support 4K at 120Hz and Variable Refresh Rate (VRR), catering to gamers.

The functionality of the TV is tested on the 65-inch version- following are key features of TCL C845:

  • Display Size: Available in 55 to 85 inches, tested at 65 inches
  • Display Technology: VA (QD) LCD with miniLED FALD (up to 896 zones)
  • Resolution: 4K
  • HDR Formats: HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision IQ, HLG
  • Video Processor: AiPQ 3.0
  • Audio: 2.1 40W speakers
  • TV Platform: Google TV running Android 11
  • HDMI Standard: HDMI 2.1 (2 ports)
  • Other Inputs: 1x USB, 1x Ethernet, 2x CI+
  • Other Outputs: 1x optical, 1x HDMI eARC
  • WiFi: WiFi 6 – 802.11ax
  • Bluetooth: 5.2
  • Special Features: miniLED (480, 576, 720, 896 zones based on size)
  • Gaming Features: Game Bar 2.0 for quick access
  • Video Decoding: Supports MPEG4, HEVC, VP9-2, AV1
  • Tuners: DVB-T2/S2/C
  • Smart Features: Google TV interface with popular apps
  • Picture Calibration: Basic calibration options for improved picture quality
  • Energy Consumption: Energy-efficient operation
  • Connectivity: Supports AirPlay 2 and Apple HomeKit
  • Remote Control: Included remote with multiple functions

Display Calibration

Out of the box, the TCL C845 comes with a default picture mode. However, for better accuracy, switching to the ‘Movie’ mode is recommended.

TCL C845 review display

This mode provides a balanced starting point for picture quality. Calibration enthusiasts can further fine-tune the settings to achieve their desired results.

TCL C845 review display

It’s worth noting that the TV may have some color errors and a slightly high color temperature, but these can be adjusted.

TCL C845 Gaming Performance

To assess the TCL C845’s performance, various display parameters are measured for different content types, including SDR and HDR. Brightness, black levels, contrast ratios, and color space coverage are all taken into account.

The TV’s input lag is also measured in different modes to determine its responsiveness, especially for gaming.

Input Lag Movie Mode Game Mode
1080p SDR 119.3 ms 15.3 ms
4K SDR 119.3 ms 15.2 ms
4K HDR 119.2 ms 15.2 ms

Energy consumption measurements are recorded to provide insights into the TV’s power usage.

Energy Consumption Out-of-box (average) Calibrated (average)
SDR 103 W 56 W
HDR 230 W 230 W
Stand-by 0.1 W

Picture Quality

Picture quality is a cornerstone of any TV’s appeal, and the TCL C845 excels in this area. The miniLED FALD technology enhances contrast and peak brightness in both SDR and HDR content.

TCL C845 review display

With up to 896 dimming zones, the TV delivers improved HDR performance. However, it’s worth noting that some blooming may be noticeable in certain situations. Overall, the TV’s picture quality is impressive, especially when compared to its competitors.

TCL C845 Benchmarks:

The TCL C845 has undergone a series of benchmarks to assess its performance across various aspects. These benchmarks provide insights into the TV’s capabilities and how it compares to other devices in terms of processing power and graphical performance. Here are the benchmark results for the TCL C845, along with comparisons to other devices:

Device Single-Core Score Multi-Core Score GeekBench 4 Score (Single-Core) GeekBench 4 Score (Multi-Core)
MediaTek MT5889 (TCL C845) 929 2256 423 277
MediaTek MT5895 (Sony XH90, X90J, X90K, X90L) 1195 2882 1148 958
Nvidia Shield TV 1400 4100 4250 2765
Apple A10X (Apple TV 4K 1st Gen) 4000 9500 Not specified Not specified

The TCL C845’s CPU performance, as measured by GeekBench 4, is notably competitive, closely trailing the MediaTek MT5895 used in Sony’s models and the Nvidia Shield TV in terms of single-core CPU performance. The multi-core performance is also decent, showcasing its capability for various tasks.

Picture Quality Benchmark (Brightness & Color):

    • Out-of-box Black Level (SDR): 0.12 nits
    • Calibrated Black Level (SDR): 0.025 nits
    • Out-of-box Brightness (SDR): 630 nits
    • Calibrated Brightness (SDR): 135 nits
    • SDR Contrast Ratio: 5400:1
    • HDR Peak Brightness (ANSI): Up to 2297 nits (depending on percentage)
    • HDR Contrast Ratio: 5200:1
    • Color Space (DCI-P3): 94%
    • Color Space (Rec.2020): 72%

TCL C845 review design

The TCL C845 demonstrates impressive brightness levels, particularly in HDR mode, with peak brightness reaching up to 2297 nits. The color space coverage for both DCI-P3 and Rec.2020 is in line with high-end LCD TVs.

Input Lag Benchmark (Moviemode, Game mode):

    • 1080p SDR: 119.3 ms (Movie), 15.3 ms (Game)
    • 4K SDR: 119.3 ms (Movie), 15.2 ms (Game)
    • 4K HDR: 119.2 ms (Movie), 15.2 ms (Game)

The input lag of the TCL C845 is relatively low in Game mode, making it suitable for gaming with minimal delay.

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