Best Budget Gaming Headset According to Redditors

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Best Budget Gaming Headset According to Redditors

It’s important to have a great audio experience when you’re playing games, whether you like to play competitive esports games or enjoy exploring large open worlds. Some of the best gaming headsets come with a built-in microphone that makes it easy to talk to your teammates and gives you rich, immersive sound and good sound separation. Experienced tech Redditors know what they’re talking about when finding the best budget gaming headset. In this article, we’ve put together a list of what Redditors say are the best budget gaming headsets.

Budget Gaming Headset Recommendations from Experienced Redditors

If you’re looking for a budget gaming headset that will give you the best bang for your buck, look no further than these recommendations from experienced Redditors. From wired to wireless options, there’s something for everyone on this list. We verified each product from multiple sources before mentioning them here, so you don’t have to do further research.

1. Razer Barracuda X

Best Budget Gaming Headset According to Redditors

This 2021 product from Razer doesn’t have any standout headline features, but what makes it exceptional is that it produces clear audio, supports several platforms (including your Android phone), and has reliable wireless networking without costing you more than $50. 

With its lightweight 250-gram design and soft, ventilated ear cups, comfort is also considered. Taking into account that its battery lasts for 20 hours, you’ll be ready for long gaming sessions.

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2. Roccat Elo 7.1 Air – Best wireless headset

Best Budget Gaming Headset According to Redditors

Finding wireless, sound gaming headsets for under $80 is challenging, but the Roccat Elo 7.1 Air appears to fill that need.

Even though it doesn’t have Bluetooth, the USB-A transmitter’s 2.4GHz connection works well, and the 50mm drivers give it great sound quality. In games like first-person shooters, surround sound gives you a terrific sense of space and will assist you in locating an enemy. It also offers 24 hours of battery life which is promising for the price point.

Because the mic is so good, this headset is great for team games where communication is very important. A stiffer arm for the removable microphone would be nice since it can be challenging to position it precisely.

3. SteelSeries Arctis 3

Best Budget Gaming Headset According to Redditors

The sound is great when playing games or listening to music, with a balanced sound and a good amount of bass. The microphone on the headset makes a clear sound, but because it works in both directions, it often picks up the background noise. You can adjust audio capabilities like surround sound and equalization using the specific PC program, but the setup process could be challenging for some people. You can’t change the sound on consoles and mobile devices, but overall, it feels immersive and well-balanced.

It’s compatible with all platforms, including All-Platform Gaming Headset – for PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

 4. Sony Pulse 3D Headset

Best Budget Gaming Headset According to Redditors

A headset that can make the PS5’s audio capabilities ideal for that immersive audio experience. Not only is the Sony Pulse 3D more than capable of doing that, but it’s also surprisingly inexpensive. It costs less than anticipated for a first-party accessory at $99.99.

These cans produce a clear, lively, and spacious sound that puts you right in the center of the action. The positional audio in Tempest 3D also gives the game a level of realism that you can’t get with regular headphones. Although the battery life isn’t awe-inspiring, it’s still sufficient for prolonged gaming sessions. The Pulse 3D is very adaptable despite being designed for the PS5.

The aforementioned are the best budget Gaming headsets, according to Reddit users. We will keep updating the list as soon as new budget headsets launch, so stay tuned.

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