Horizon Zero Dawn Best Early Weapons for Quick Progress

Horizon Zero Dawn Best Early Weapons

Choosing the right arsenal can significantly affect your gameplay, helping you defeat those menacing mechanical beasts with greater ease. The variety of weapons available in the game, each with its own unique features and benefits, may seem overwhelming initially, but understanding their utility is the key to mastering the game. So, let’s introduce you to some of the best early weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn. 

The Best Early Game weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn

The Bow is one of the most important weapons in Horizon Zero Dawn and one of the first weapons you can use. It’s an excellent choice for quickly and quietly defeating smaller enemies. The Bow can weaken larger enemies before moving in for the kill.

Note: The weapons listed here are not only powerful but also easily accessible in the early stages of the game, making them perfect for beginners. 

If you prefer close-range combat, the spear is your best option. It is quick and can kill most enemies with a single hit. The Spear is another excellent weapon for dealing with larger opponents. It deals more damage than the Bow and can also be used to stun enemies, making them easier to defeat. The Spear can also be used to take down flying enemies.

1. The Hunter Bow

It will be a good weapon until around halfway through the game if you make a concerted effort to upgrade it to its maximum level as soon as possible. Hint: At a Workbench, press the Triangle on the weapon to create a ‘Job’ and receive prompts on where to obtain upgrade items.

It only has one coil slot (knockdown bonuses are helpful early on). It will ultimately be able to fire acid bullets as well — use these to make machines acid-coated, as ordinary shots will cause them to absorb more damage.

horizon forbidden west best early weapons

2. Prototype Spike Thrower

A level 7 errand task named ‘A Bigger Boom’ in Chainscrape will reward you with this weapon, and I’d say it’s vital in the early game. It’s likely the first explosive device you’ll be allowed to use, and it’ll rip enemy armor neatly off, allowing you to shoot at the vulnerable spots underneath.

But be careful when you use it, because explosions can destroy important machine parts that you might want to harvest.

Spike Thrower

3. Hardweave Sharpshot Bow

You’ll probably have a lot of other weapons by the time you get in Plainsong, but if possible, make sure you have 549 Metal Shards and a Grazer Circulator on hand. The Hardweave Sharpshot Bow you obtain here is fantastic; this bow can take out several weaker machines in one shot. It also works on human adversaries.

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Long-range damage with a damage boost from Overdraw For a good portion of the game, coil in the bow, and you’ll be laughing at foes from afar.

horizon forbidden west best weapons early

4. Carja Sharpshot Bow

The Carja Sharpshot Bow is Aloy’s most essential weapon early in the game. This bow allows her to use both Precision Arrows and Tearblast Arrows, which are required to blow the armor off machines and reach the weaker sections inside. Even the largest machines will be destroyed if you follow up with a Precision Arrow, which has great damage, accuracy, and range.

horizon zero dawn best weapons

5. Shadow Sling

The game’s strongest sling, the Shadow Sling, is available for purchase early on. This weapon, along with its ammunition of Freeze Bombs, Shock Bombs, and Fire Bombs, will be critical for identifying and exploiting machine weaknesses, rendering them inoperable at the start of battle. The ability to freeze enemies, which slows them down and doubles any damage dealt, is critical for taking down the most formidable foes early on, so get it as soon as possible.

shadow sling

How to make the most of your early game Horizon Zero Dawn?

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Horizon Zero Dawn experience, then you’ll want to make the most of the early game. Here are a few tips to help you get on the right foot.

First, be sure to take your time and explore the world around you. There’s a lot to see and do in Horizon Zero Dawn, and it’s all worth taking in. You never know when you’ll stumble upon something important or discover a new secret.

Second, don’t be afraid to take on side quests and other optional content. Not only will this help you level up your character, but it will also give you a better understanding of the game’s lore and world.

Finally, make use of every resource at your disposal. Collect everything you can, sell it for profit, or use it to craft powerful weapons and armor.

Remember, the effectiveness of your weapon does not solely hinge on its power, but also on how well you use it. So, are you ready to step into the world of Horizon Zero Dawn equipped with the right weapon? It’s time to test your skills. 

“Success in Horizon Zero Dawn does not come from possessing the strongest weapon, but from mastering the art of using it.”

In the end, it’s all about your strategy, your passion for the game, and your ability to adapt to different scenarios.

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