SSD Tier List for 2023 – The Best SSDs to Buy (Updated March)

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SSD Tier List 2023

It can be difficult to keep up with the latest and greatest SSDs in the ever-changing world of technology. That’s why we created this SSD tier list for 2023, which has been updated for January, to assist you in finding the best SSDs to buy. This list makes it simple to compare different SSDs based on their performance, features, and price, assisting you in determining which one is the best fit for your needs. This list has something for everyone, whether you’re a gamer, a content creator, or simply looking to upgrade your computer’s storage. Without further ado, here are the top SSDs for 2023.

5 Best SSDs for Speed and Reliability

With the increasing demand for high-performance storage, SSDs are getting more popular. SSDs have been used in gaming and workstation PCs and to increase the performance of laptops and desktops.


To get the best performance, you need an SSD with fast read and write speeds NVMe PCIe Gen4 x4 is a perfect choice as it offers the fastest data transfer but is a bit expensive. These are the 5 best SSDs to get now if you are not tight on budget.

1. Samsung 990 Pro

Samsung 990 Pro

Samsung has recently released an impressive update to the 980 Pro SSD, which has set new performance records in the SSD market. With new hardware and options, including a heatsink with RGB and a 4TB variant that arrived in 2023, Samsung has taken back the SSD crown. The read speeds are 7,450 MBps, and the write speeds are 6,900 MBps.

  • Capacity: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB
  • Controller: Pascal
  • Memory: BiCS4 96-layer TLC
  • Interface: PCIe 4.0 x4 / NVMe
  • Seq. read: 7,450MB/s
  • Seq write: 6,900MB/s

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2. WD Black SN850X

best ssd

With read and write speeds of 7,300MB/s and 6,600MB/s, the WD Black SN850 is the fastest available SSD. Improved loading times, boots, and overall activity execution can be achieved at this level of performance.

  • Capacity: 1TB, 2TB, 4TB
  • Controller: WD_Black G3
  • Memory: BiCS4 96-layer TLC
  • Interface: PCIe 4.0 x4 / NVMe
  • Seq. read: 7,300MB/s
  • Seq write: 6,600MB/s

3. Kingston KC3000

ssd tier list best ssd

The Kingston KC3000 is a visually appealing and powerful SSD that can be utilized in a variety of combinations. The sequential read speed goes up to 7000MBps, and the write speed up to 7,000MBps. Given the heatsink model’s versatility to consoles, this is a must-have regarding value for money. 

  • Capacity : 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, or 4TB
  • Controller: Phison E18
  • Memory: Micron 176L TLC NAND
  • Interface: PCIe 4.0 x4 / NVMe 1.4
  • Seq. read: 7,000MB/s
  • Seq. write: 7,000MB/s

4. Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus

SSD Tier List for 2023 - The Best SSDs to Buy (Updated March)Sabrent-Rocket-4-Plus

Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus with new Phison E18 controller, the successor to the popular E16 controller in first-generation PCIe 4.0 drives. It significantly improved over the initial generation of PCIe 4.0 SSDs and the Samsung 980 Pro, especially in write performance. With peak read and write speeds of 7,100MB/s and 6,600MB/s.

  • Capacity: 2TB
  • Controller: Phison PS5018-E18
  • Flash: Micron B47R 176-layer TLC
  • Interface: M.2 PCIe 4.0 x4
  • Seq. read: 7,100MB/s
  • Seq. write: 6,600MB/s

5. Kingston Fury Renegade

SSD Tier List for 2023 - The Best SSDs to Buy (Updated March)Kingston-Fury-Renegade

Kingston’s lightning-fast storage products never cease to amaze us. The Kingston Fury Renegade has incredible specs. It can read data in a sequential fashion at 7,300MB/s. Writing speeds of up to 7,000 MB/s are achievable. If you need high-performance storage, this solid-state drive may be of interest.

  • Capacity: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB, 4TB
  • Controller: Phison PS5018-E18
  • Flash: Micron 176-Layer 3D TLC
  • Interface: M.2 PCIe 4.0 x4
  • Seq. read: 7,300MB/s
  • Seq. write: 7,000MB/s

How to Choose the Right SSD for Your Needs and Budget? SSD Tier List Reveals All

When shopping for an SSD, there are a few things to remember. The most important consideration is the type of SSD you need. There are three main types: SATA, M.2, and PCIe. SATA SSDs are the most common type and will fit in most computers. M.2 SSDs are a newer standard with a smaller form factor and offer higher performance than SATA SSDs. PCIe SSDs offer the highest performance but are also the most expensive.

Once you’ve determined the type of SSD you need, you must decide on a budget. LinusTechTips has just released its complete SSD tier list after extensive testing. The list is based on performance and value.

Tier S Ultra High End NVMe SSDs List

Tier S NVMe SSD Tier List

High-end NVMe solid-state drives (SSDs) are designed to store data quickly. The latest list of Tier S SSD uses Phison E26 controllers and has sequential read and write speeds of about 12.5 GB/s and 10 GB/s, respectively. This makes them some of the fastest mobile storage devices on the market. These new ultra-high-end NVMe SSDs are an excellent choice for users who want the best performance from their laptops or desktop computers.

Brand and ModelController
Apacer AS2280F5Phison E26
CFD Gaming PG5NFZPhison E26
Corsair MP700Phison E26
Gigabyte Gen5 AORUSPhison E26
Goodram IRDM UltimatePhison E26
MSI E26 (Spatium)Phison E26
MSI M570Phison E26
Zadak TWSG5Phison E26

Tier A (Upper High-end) SSDs

Tier A NVMe SSD Tier List

The storage industry is abuzz with the news that Tier A High End NVMe SSDs have been using IG5236 to reach new heights in data performance. This breakthrough gaming-grade controller enables read speeds up to 7,400MB/s of sequential read performance and 6.4GB/s of sequential write speed.

AcerGM7000InnoGrit IG5236
ADATAS70 / S70 BladeInnoGrit IG5236
 XPG SageInnoGrit IG5236
 Legend 960SMI SM2264
 XPG IndigoSMI SM2264
AsgardAN4InnoGrit IG5236
AsusStrix SQ7E18
CorsairMP600 ProE18
 MP600 Pro Hydro XE18
 MP600 Pro XTPhison E18
 MP600 Pro XT Hydro XPhison E18
 MP600 Pro NHPhison E18
 MP600 Pro LPXPhison E18
FantomVENOM8Phison E18
GalaxHOF 4.0 ExtremePhison E18
GigabyteGen4 AORUS v2 / PremiumPhison E18
GoodramIRDM ProPhison E18
HPFX900 ProInnoGrit IG5236
InlandPerformance PlusPhison E18
 Gaming Performance PlusPhison E18
KingstonKC3000Phison E18
 Fury RenegadePhison E18
KLEVVCRAS C920Phison E18
LexarNM800InnoGrit IG5236
MSIM480Phison E18
MushkinGAMMAPhison E18
 Redline VortexInnoGrit IG5236
NetacNV7000Phison E18
NextorageNEM-PAPhison E18
PatriotViper VP4300InnoGrit IG5236
PlextorM10PInnoGrit IG5236
PNYCS3140Phison E18
SabrentRocket 4 PlusPhison E18
 Rocket 4 Plus (8TB)Phison E18
 Rocket 4 Plus-GPhison E18
Samsung980 ProSamsung Elpis
SeagateFireCuda 530Phison E18
Silicon PowerXS70Phison E18
SK HynixPlatinum P41A

Tier B Lower High-End NVMe SSDs List

Tier B NVMe SSDs List

Solid State Drives in the Tier B SSDs list are a great alternative to SATA SSDs for those who don’t need the high-end performance of Tier A SSDs. They offer sequential read and write speeds of up to 3,500 MB/s and 1,200 MB/s, respectively. This makes them a good choice for gamers, power users, and professionals who need fast storage performance.

ADATAS50Phison E16
AddlinkS90Phison E16
 S92Phison E16
ApacerAS2280Q4Phison E16
CorsairMP600Phison E16
 MP600 CorePhison E16
CrucialP5 PlusMicron DMO2A1
EssencoreECT455Phison E16
GalaxHOF 4.0Phison E16
GigabyteAORUS PCIe 4.0Phison E16
GoodramIRDM Ultimate XPhison E16
InlandPerformancePhison E16
KingMaxPX4480Phison E16
MSILightningPhison E16
 M470Phison E16
 M471Phison E16
MushkinEON ProSMI SM2264
 DELTAPhison E16
PatriotViper VP4100Phison E16
PNYCS3040Phison E16
 CS4040Phison E16
SabrentRocket 4.0Phison E16
 Rocket Q4Phison E16
Samsung970 ProSamsung Phoenix
SeagateFireCuda 520Phison E16
Silicon PowerUS70Phison E16
Team GroupCardea Zero Z440Phison E16
 Cadea Ceramic C440Phison E16
 Cardea ZeroPhison E16
 T-Create ClassicPhison E16
 Cardea Z44QPhison E16

Tier C Low-end NVMe SSDs List

Tier C NVMe SSD List

Mid-end NVMe SSDs can still provide a great user experience, especially if you don’t have the budget for a high-end NVMe SSD tier list. Tier C NVMe SSDs typically have read speeds of 3500MBps and write speeds of 1700MBps. They are also much more affordable than high-end NVMe SSDs.

AcerGM3500SMI SM2262EN
ADATASX8200 Pro v1SMI SM2262EN
 Gammix S11 ProSMI SM2262EN
 -SX8800 ProRealtek RTS5762
 Spectrix S40G / RGBRealtek RTS5762
 SX8100Realtek RTS5762
 Gammix S7Realtek RTS5762
 S50 LiteSMI SM2267
 XPG PearlSMI SM2267
 Legend 840InnoGrit IG5220
AddlinkS70Phison E12
 X70Phison E12
ApacerAS2280P4UPhison E12
 AS2280P4U ProPhison E12
AsgardAN3SMI SM2262EN
 AN3+Starblaze STAR1000P
AsuraGenesis XtremePhison E12
CorsairMP510Phison E12
CrucialP5Micron DMO1B2
DigifastAcePhison E12
GalaxHOFPhison E12
GigabyteAUROS RGB AICPhison E12
HikvisionC2000Phison E12
InlandPremiumPhison E12
 PrimePhison E15T
KingMaxPX3480Phison E12
KingstonKC2000SMI SM2262EN
 KC2500SMI SM2262EN
LiteOnMU X1Phison E12
MushkinPilot-ESMI SM2262EN
 TempestInnoGrit IG5216
MyDigitalSSDBPX ProPhison E12
PatriotViper VPN100Phison E12
 Viper VPR100Phison E12
PioneerAPS-SE20GPhison E12
PlextorM10eSMI SM2267XT
PNYCS3030Phison E12
SabrentRocketPhison E12
Samsung970 EVO PlusSamsung Phoenix
 970 EVOSamsung Phoenix
 960 EVOSamsung Polaris
 960 ProSamsung Polaris
SanDiskExtreme Pro NVMWD Proprietary
SeagateBarraCuda 510Phison E12
 FireCuda 510Phison E12
Silicon PowerP34A80 V1Phison E12
SK HynixGold P31SK Hynix Cepheus
 Platinum P31SK Hynix Cepheus
Team GroupCardea IIPhison E12
 Cardea LiquidPhison E12
 MP34Phison E12
 Z340SMI SM2262EN
 T-Create ExpertSMI SM2262EN
Team GroupZ44LPhison E19T
Toshiba/KioxiaRD500Phison E12S
 Excercia PlusPhison E12S
TranscendSSD 220SSMI SM2262EN
 SSD 240SSMI SM2267
Western DigitalBlack / SN750WD Proprietary
 SN750 SEPhison E19T
ZadakSparkPhison E12

Tier D Lower-end NVME SSD

Tier D NVMe SSD List

Tier D NVME SSDs are budget friendly and provide good performance at an affordable price. They don’t come with a heatsink, and some users have reported reliability issues. The SMI SM2262G is a high-performance SSD controller that quickly reads and writes data. In general, SSDs with the SMI SM2262G controller can read up to 3,500 MB/s and write at up to 3,000 MB/s.

ADATASX8200 Pro v2 (SMI SM2262G)SMI SM2262G
 SX8200 (SMI SM2262)SMI SM2262
 Gammix S11 (SMI SM2262)SMI SM2262
 Falcon* (Realtek RTS5762DL)Realtek RTS5762DL
 S50 Lite (SMI SM2267)SMI SM2267
CorsairMP400 (Phison E12S)Phison E12S
DrevoD1 Xtreme (SMI SM2262)SMI SM2262
ForeseeP800 (Marvell 88SS1092)Marvell 88SS1092
HPEX920 (SMI SM2262)SMI SM2262
InlandPlatinum (Phison E12S)Phison E12S
Intel760p (SMI SM2262)SMI SM2262
 670p (SMI SM2265)SMI SM2265
KLEVVKRAS C720 (Phison E12S)Phison E12S
LexarNM700 (Marvell 88SS1092)Marvell 88SS1092
MSIM390* (Phison E15T)E15T
MushkinPilot (SMI SM2262)SMI SM2262
 Alpha (Phison E12S)E12S
PioneerAPS-SE20Q (Phison E12)E12
PlextorM9PeY/G/GN (Marvell 88SS1093)Marvell 88SS1093
 M9P+ (Marvell 88SS1092)Marvell 88SS1092
PNYCS2130 (Phison E12S)E12S
SabrentRocket Q (Phison E12S)E12S
Samsung950 Pro (Samsung UBX)Samsung UBX
 980* (Samsung Pablo)Samsung Pablo
 960 EVO (Samsung Polaris)Samsung Polaris
Silicon PowerUD70 (Phison E12S)Phison E12S
 XD70 (Phison E12S)Phison E12S
 P34A80 V2 (Phison E12S)Phison E12S
 P34A80 V3 (SMI SM2262ENG)SMI SM2262ENG
Team GroupMP34Q (Phison E12S)Phison E12S
Western DigitalSN570* (WD Proprietary)WD Proprietary
 SN750 SE* (WD Proprietary)WD Proprietary

Tier E (Budget) NVME SSDs

Tier E NVMe SSD List

As the name suggests, these are cheap NVME SSDs, and if you’re planning to upgrade the storage on a tight budget, these could be the ones to go for. In general, SSDs that use the Realtek RTS5763DL controller is able to achieve read speeds of up to 3,400 MB/s and write speeds of up to 3,000 MB/s.

AcerFA100* (InnoGrit IG5216)InnoGrit IG5216
ADATASX6000 Pro* (Realtek RTS5763DL)Realtek RTS5763DL
 Gammix S5* (Realtek RTS5763DL)Realtek RTS5763DL
 SX6000 Lite* (Realtek RTS5763DL)Realtek RTS5763DL
 S20G* (Realtek RTS5763DL)Realtek RTS5763DL
AddlinkS68* (Phison E13T)Phison E13T
AsgardAN1/AN2* (SMI SM2263XT)SMI SM2263XT
BiostarM700* (SMI SM2263XT)SMI SM2263XT
ColorfulCN600* (SMI SM2263XT)SMI SM2263XT
CorsairMP500 (Phison E7)Phison E7
CrucialP1 (SMI SM2263)SMI SM2263
 P2* (Phison E13T)Phison E13T
GigabyteNVMe v2* (Phison E13T)Phison E13T
GreenliantArmourDrive* (Phison E13T)Phison E13T
GoodramPX500* (SMI SM2263XT)SMI SM2263XT
 EX900 Pro (SMI SM2263)SMI SM2263
InlandPro QLC* (Phison E13T)Phison E13T
Intel660p (SMI SM2263)SMI SM2263
 665p (SMI SM2263)SMI SM2263
KingstonA2000 (SMI SM2263)SMI SM2263
 NV1* (SMI SM2263XT)SMI SM2263XT
 KRAS C710* (SMI SM2263XT)SMI SM2263XT
LexarNM600* (SMI SM2263XT)SMI SM2263XT
 NM610* (SMI SM2263XT)SMI SM2263XT
 NM620* (InnoGrit IG5216)InnoGrit IG5216
MSIM370* (Phison E13T)Phison E13T
MushkinEnhanced Helix-L* (SMI 2263XT)SMI 2263XT
MyDigitalSSDBPX (Phison E7)Phison E7
 SBXe 2nd Gen* (Phison E13T)Phison E13T
OricoV500* (SMI SM2263XT)SMI SM2263XT
PatriotP300* (SMI SM2263XT or Phison E13T)SMI SM2263XT or Phison E13T
SanDiskUltra* (WD Proprietary)WD Proprietary
 Extreme Pro NVMe (WD Proprietary)WD Proprietary
SeagateBarraCuda Q5* (Phison E13T)Phison E13T
Silicon PowerP34A60* (SMI SM2263XT)SMI SM2263XT
Team GroupMP33* (SMI SM2263XT or Phison E13T)SMI SM2263XT or Phison E13T
 Z330* (Phison E13T)Phison E13T
 T-Create Classic* (Phison E13T)Phison E13T
Toshiba/KioxiaRC500 (Phison E12S)Phison E12S
 Excercia (Phison E12C)Phison E12C
TranscendSSD 110S* (SMI SM2263XT)SMI SM2263XT
VerbatimVi3000* (Phison E13T)Phison E13T
Western DigitalSN500* (WD Proprietary)WD Proprietary
 SN350* (WD Proprietary)WD Proprietary


Some SSDs are much faster than others. In general, the higher the price tag, the faster the drive. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. The SATA SSDs contain drives with average speeds of 560MB/s for reads and 520MB/s for writes. While these speeds are not as fast as those offered by some of the more expensive models, they are still significantly faster than traditional hard drives.

SATA Tier A (High-end) SSDs:

Tier A SATA SSD List

Tier A (High-end)
Samsung 850 PRO (Samsung MEX), 860 PRO (Samsung MJX)
Seagate Ironwolf 110 (Seagate 500021768)

SATA Tier B (Mid-end) SSDs:

Tier B SATA SSD List

Tier B (Mid-end)
ADATA SX950U (SMI SM2258), SU800 (SMI SM2258), SX850 (SMI SM2258), SU750* (Realtek RTS5733DMQ), SU760* (Realtek RTS5733DMQ)
Addlink S20 (Phison S10)
Corsair Neutron XTi (Phison S10)
Crucial MX500 (SMI SM2258), BX300 (SMI SM2258), MX300 (Marvell 88SS1074), MX200 (Marvell 88SS9189)
Gigabyte UD Pro (Phison S10)
HP S700 Pro (SMI SM2258)
Intel 545s (SMI SM2259), 540s (SMI SM2258)
Kingdian S280 (SMI SM2258)
Kingston KC600 (SMI SM2259), UV500 (Marvell 88SS1074)
KLEVV NX500 (SMI SM2258), NEO N610 (SMI SM2258)
Lexar NS200 (SMI SM2258), NM210 (SMI SM2258)
Micron 1100 (Marvell 88SS1074), 1300 (Marvell 88SS1074)
Mushkin Triactor 3DX (SMI SM2258)
MyDigitalSSD BP5e Slim 7 (Phison S10)
Neo Forza NFS06 (SMI SM2258)
Patriot P220 (Phison S12)
Plextor M8V / M8VG (SMI SM2258), M8V Plus (SMI SM2258)
PNY CS1311 (Phison S10)
Samsung 850 EVO (Samsung MGX), 860 EVO (Samsung MJX), 870 EVO (Samsung MKX), 860 QVO (Samsung MJX), 870 QVO (Samsung MKX)
Sandisk Extreme Pro (Marvell 88SS9187), Ultra 3D (Marvell 88SS1074)
Seagate Barracuda (Phison S10), Barracuda 120 (Phison S12)
SK Hynix Gold S31 (Quartz SH87830CC), SL308 (SK hynix SH87820BB)
Team Group L5 Lite 3D (SMI SM2258), Delta RGB (SMI SM2258), Vulcan (SMI SM2258)
Toshiba Vector 180 (OCZ Barefoot 3 M00)
Transcend SSD430S ( SMI SM2258), SSD830S (SMI SM2258), SSD230S (SMI SM2258)
Western Digital Blue 3D (Marvell 88SS1074), Blue (Marvell 88SS1074), SA500 / Red (Marvell 88SS1074)

SATA Tier C (Budget) SSDs

Tier C SATA SSD List

Tier C (Budget)
Acer SA100* (Maxio MAS0902A)
ADATA SU650* (SMI SM2258XT), SU655* (SMI SM2258XT), SP900 (SandForce SF-2281)
Addlink S20M* (Maxio MAS080X), S22* (Phison S11T)
Colorful SL500* (SMI SM2258XT)
Crucial BX500* (SMI SM2258XT / SMI SM229XT), MX100 (Marvell 88SS9189)
Drevo X1 Pro* (SMI SM2258XT)
Gigabyte SSD* (Phison S11)
HP S700* (SMI SM2258XT), M700* (SMI SM2258XT), P600* (SMI SM2258XT), S750* (SMI SM2259XT)
KingDian S280 (SMI SM2258)
KingSpec P4* (Maxio MAS0902A)
Kingston UV400 (Marvell 88SS1074), KC300 (SandForce SF2281), Q500* (Phison S11T)
Lexar NS100* (Marvell 88NV1120), NQ100* (Marvell 88NV1120)
Maxtor Z1* (Phison S11)
Mushkin Source* (SMI SM2258XT), Reactor (SMI SM2258EN), Reactor LT (SMI SM2258EN), Triactor 3DL* (SMI SM2258XT), Raw* (SMI SM2259XT), Source II* (SMI SM2258XT)
Neo Forza NFS01* (SMI SM2258XT)
Patriot Burst* (Phison S11), P200* (SMI SM2258XT), P210* (SMI SM2259XT)
Pioneer APS-SL3* (Phison S11)
Plextor S3C/G (SMI SM2254)
PNY CS900* (Phison S11), CS2311* (Phison S11), CS2040* (Phison S11)
Sandisk Ultra II (Marvell 88SS9190), Ultra Plus (Marvell SS889175)
Silicon Power S55* (SMI SM2258XT), A55* (SMI SM2258XT), A58* (Phison S11)
TC SUNBOW X3 (SMI SM2258) [Although some units in USA and Canada ship with a DRAM-less SMI SM2258XT]
Team Group Elite GX1* (Phison S11), Elite GX2* (SMI SM2258XT), MS30* (SMI SM2258XT), EX2* (SMI SM2258XT), L3 EVO* (Phison S11)
Toshiba TR200* (Phison S11), Exercia* (Phison S11T)
Transcend SSD420S* (SMI SM2258XT), SSD820S* (SMI SM2258XT), SSD370* (Transcend TS6500), SSD370S* (Transcend TS6500),

SATA Tier D (OKAYish) SSDs

Tier D SATA SSD List

Tier D (OKAYish)
ADATA SU630* (Maxio MAS0902A), SU635* (Maxio MAS0902A)
Addlink S22* (Phison S11T)
HP S600* (Marvell 88NV1120)
Hyundai Sapphire* (Marvell 88NV1120)
Inland Professional* (Phison S11)
KingDian S400* (SMI SM2258XT)
Kingston A400* (Phison S11), SSDNow V300* (Sandisk SF-2281), HyperX RGB (Marvell 88SS1074), Q500* (Phison S11T/S13T)
Sandisk SSD Plus* (SMI SM2256S)
Team Group L5 Lite* (SMI SM2256S), Dark L3 (Phison S8), L3 EVO* (Phison S11)
Western Digital Green* (SMI SM2258XT)

External SSD Tier List

External SSD Tier List

We are looking to expand your storage options and wondering which external SSD to get? Look no further because we’ve got you covered! We’ve compiled an SSD tier list of the best external options, so you don’t have to wade through countless reviews and specs. From blazing transfer speeds to rugged durability, we’ve got something for everyone.

External Tier A

Tier A (Ultra High
LaCie Rugged SSD (Phison E12)
Patriot EVLVR 2 (Phison E12)

External Tier B

Tier B (Highend)
HP P800* (SMI SM2263) [1]
LaCie Rugged SSD (Phison E12)
Sabrent Rocket Pro (Phison E12)
Western Digital P50 (WD Proprietary)

External Tier C

Tier C (Mid
ADATA SE760* (Realtek RTS5763DL), SE800* (Innogrit IG5208)
HP P700* (SMI SM2263)
Lexar SL100 Pro* (Marvell 88NV1160)
Mushkin CarbonX* (SMI SM2263XT)
Orico GV100* (SMI SM2263XT)
Patriot PXD* (Phison E13T)
PNY Pro Elite (Phison E8)
Sabrent Rocket Nano* (Phison E13T)
Samsung T5 (Samsung MGX), T7* (Samsung Pablo)
Sandisk Extreme Portable (Marvell 88SS1074)
Seagate Fast SSD (Phison S10)
Team Group PD1000* (SMI SM2263XT)
Transcend ESD350C* (SMI SM2263XT)
Western Digital My Passport SSD (New) (Marvell 88SS1074)

External Tier D

Tier D (Budget / Storage)
ADATA SC680* (SMI SM2259XT), SD600Q* (Maxio MAS0902A), SD700 (SMI SM2258)
Buffalo SSD-PSMU3 (Phison S10)
HP P600* (SMI SM2258XT)
LaCie Portable SSD (Phison S10)
Lexar SL200* (Marvell 88NV1120)
Mushkin Source Q* (SMI SM2259XT)
PNY Elite* (Phison S11)
Seagate One Touch SSD (Phison S10)
Silicon Power Bolt B75 Pro* (Phison S11), PC60* (SM2259XT)
Team Group PD400 (SMI SM2258)

Based on price, performance, and reliability, we’ve compiled a list of the best SSDs on the market. Our Tier List for 2023 on SSD includes the best SSDs for gamers, content creators, and anyone looking to upgrade the storage on their computer. Check out our list of the best SSDs in 2023 to improve your computing experience.

Remember that this Tier List of SSDs will be updated as new SSDs are released.


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