How to Find If Your GPU is Dying | 5 Signs Explained


It doesn’t matter if you’re playing an action-packed video game or watching a wide-ranging movie; a graphics card is a vital aspect of your computer. The loss of a computer’s graphics card is still a serious problem. Since your computer may produce photos, films, or any other digital information, a powerful graphics card is a necessity. Everyone requires a high-quality graphics card in order to have a smooth and easy-to-use working experience.

Graphics cards do so by coping with your system to boost the pixels and enhance the visual display. Many different Graphics cards are available in the market by various companies. You are using your computer, but suddenly the image on your computer screen becomes distorted. This distortion is usually a sign of a dead graphics card.

In this article, I will guide you on how to figure out what’s wrong with your graphics card:

In fact, PC manufacturers typically don’t emphasize a graphics card instead of it; they depend on a graphics acceleration silicon built in the CPU. That is commonly known as the IGP (Integrated Graphics Processor).


The Graphics card is an indispensable component of any computer, and it is used to exhibit your computer data on a monitor. Graphics cards can fail in several different ways, but there are usually warning signs that give you plenty of time to line up a replacement.

If you’re starting to notice issues with your personal computer, it’s important to estimate which component causes these problems. There are five warning signs you can look at to determine your graphics card.



Shuttering is one of the familiar signs of a bad graphics card. When a graphics card starts doing wrong, you will see visual stuttering on the screen. Shuttering may be a result of dying hardware or bad RAM.

If you get shuttering along with warning signs, the Graphics card is likely progressing wrong


Screen Glitches typically happens when you are watching a movie or playing a game. You may suddenly see tearing colors appearing all over the computer screen. If you restart your computer, sometimes the screen may return to normal, but these glitches come back after some time. These screen Glitches are signs of a dying graphics card.

3. Blue Screen

The blue screen always happens when there are numerous errors, and you don’t know whether these are problems caused by video cards, hard drive or RAM. when you start doing some graphics-intensive tasks like watching movies the screen will crush, and the blue screen will indicate that your GPU is dying.

4. Strange Artifacts

Similar to screen glitches, strange artifacts are signs of dead graphics. Traditionally, artifacts start from small colored dots on the screen and weird lines patterns. It happens due to the underload situation of the graphics processing unit. Artifacts can be fixed by restarting your device, but the issue will come back if you have a faulty graphics card.

5. Fan Noise

Fan noise isn’t directly affiliated to a dying GPU, but it can be a cause behind the expired graphics card. It would be best if you kept an eye on the fan noise, whether it is louder than usual or not. If it’s getting too hot, you should first clean the fan.

How to Troubleshoot A Dying Graphics Card:

After knowing this much now, you can find why your Graphics card is dying as we always provide guidelines for eliminating problems. If you are facing one of these signs, your GPU may be a shortcoming. But this doesn’t mean the graphics card is out of the way. So, you can do some things to fix the video card before buying a new one. Without further ado, let’s jump in for troubleshooting of your dying GPU:


The Graphics card may get nasty due to overheating; If the issue only happens after manifest graphics for a while or the GPU’s fan gets loud during supply, you can examine the card’s temperature


If the GPU driver is not updated, some problems may pop up when you play games. If the graphics card is outdated and you want system stability, then update the outdated driver. Or install an older driver if you have recently updated the driver.


If the cable used to connect your PC and video card go wrong, strange visual effects will appear. So, make sure that the cable is plugged in correctly on both sides or you can replace it with a new cable.

Do follow this article and Analyze whether your GPU is dying or having signs. If you face any trouble during the process comment below and I will be helping you get it done

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