How to Fix Discord Not Detecting Game for Steam and Non-Steam Games


Discord, with exclusive features like low payment, screen share, a wider range of availability, and video chat, ranks among one of the best messaging apps of 2020 for all including gamers or non-gamers, novice or expert users.

For the sake of perfection, it promises infinite and exclusive features at the cost of a flawless and impeccable system. With each new update, comes a lot of solutions and optimizations along with a bunch of novel complications that the players have to confront with.

How Things work on Discord and Solve Not Detecting Games Problem

Dating back to the clunky origin of Discord, one visualizes a gloomy shadow of an unfortunate software that constantly updated all games being played, even those that weren’t in one’s system.

Fortunately, game detection 2.0 was born out of necessity capable of scanning games via their executable files or background processes running in the task manager. It can even distinguish between games with the same process names.

Getting frustrated because Discord not detecting games on your PC? Are you getting offended about surfing the web, reading blogs, and forums in search of some authentic solution?   No need to panic as we are going to go through a few tweaks for troubleshooting your problem.

Available Cases of Non-detected games

  1. Use of non-verified or non-steam games, most probably pirated ones. These programs are undetectable by automatic program detection scan of Discord.
  2. Some update issues may cause Discord to forget the list of manually added games at each startup, requiring you to go through the tedious labor of adding all your games onboard each time you log in. In this case, renaming the executable will be the best choice for auto-detection.
  3. Late updates for certain recent games or their versions might force you to manually add the game into Discord. It is the only case when Discord is incapable of detecting steam games.

Solutions for Discord Not Detecting Games

Problem 1: Discord not detecting Non-Steam games

  1. Buy legit version of the game

The cracked or pirated game versions run through executables(.exe) or background processes differing from the Steam ones. So, I would suggest buying the legal version of the game.

  1. Add games manually

Navigating through the “User settings” section at the top right hand,  head over to the “game activity” tab below and hit “Add it!”. Manually add a program from the list.

  1. Change executable name

Here comes the part where you need your friends the most. Compare your executable with your friends running verified versions of the program. Now rename your executable according to our friend’s executable. It will provoke game detection in Discord.

Problem 2: Discord not detecting steam games

  1. You can add it manually.
  2. You can also contact Discord, informing them about the new version of the game and its executable so they can include it within the very next update.

Problem 3: Discord does not show the current game status

  1. Remove the game from the “added games” list in Game Activity and add it manually.
  2. From the games activity tab, allow “Display currently running game as a status message.
  3. Ensure that online status has not been changed to Invisible”. You can manually change it by right-clicking on your avatar in the Discord Client and selecting “Your Status.”

Good Work!  Now, you look pretty beefed up and are good to go.

Hurry up! Close all your tabs and browser and start playing your games, your friends are not going to wait for too long. An immense world comprising of thousands of interactive gaming sessions awaits you!

Adeel Younas

Adeel Younas

Adeel Younas, Editor in Chief of TechWafer, is a tech reviewer and creator specializing in PC hardware and artificial intelligence.

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