NETGEAR Default Password Complete List

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We usually access all NETGEAR routers by default password, username. The IP address may vary between or However, if you are looking for NETGEAR Default Password for your router, switch, or other devices you can find it in the table below.

If you need further help, for example, can’t find your NETGEAR Device, the default data doesn’t work or need help to reset your NETGEAR Router you can find it on the table.

NETGEAR Default Passwords (Updated September 2018)

NETGEAR Model Default Username Default Password Default IP Address
AC1450 admin password
C3000 admin password
C3700 admin password
C6250 admin password
C6300 admin password
C7000 admin password
C7500 admin [none]
CG3300D admin password
CG814M admin password
CGD24G admin password
D6200 admin password
D6400 admin password
D7000 admin password
D7800 admin password
DB834GT admin password
DG632 admin password
DG814 admin password
DG824M admin password
DG834 admin password
DG834G admin password
DG834GV admin password
DG834N admin password
DG834PN admin password
DGFV338 admin password
DGN1000 admin password
DGN2000 admin password
DGN2200 admin password
DGN2200M admin password
DGN3500 admin password
DGNB2100 admin password
DGND3300 admin password
DGND3700 admin password
DGND4000 admin password
DM111P admin password
DM111PSP admin password
FM114P admin password
FR114P admin password
FR114W admin password
FR314 admin password
FR318 admin password
FR328S admin password
FS116E [none] password DHCP1 /
FS526T [none] password DHCP1 /
FS726T [none] password DHCP1 /
FS726TP [none] password DHCP1 /
FS728TP [none] password DHCP1 /
FS728TS [none] password DHCP1 /
FS750T [none] password DHCP1 /
FS750T2 [none] password DHCP1 /
FS752TPS [none] password DHCP1 /
FS752TS [none] password DHCP1 /
FSM7226RS admin [none] DHCP1 /
FSM7250RS admin [none] DHCP1 /
FSM726 admin 12342 DHCP1
FSM726 admin [none]2 DHCP1 /
FSM726E admin [none] DHCP1 /
FSM726S admin 1234 DHCP1
FSM7326P admin [none] DHCP1 /
FSM7328PS admin [none] DHCP1 /
FSM7328S admin [none] DHCP1 /
FSM7352PS admin [none] DHCP1 /
FSM7352S admin [none] DHCP1 /
FSM750S admin 1234 DHCP1
FV318 admin password
FVL328 admin password
GS105E [none] password DHCP1 /
GS108E [none] password DHCP1 /
GS108PE [none] password DHCP1 /
GS108T [none] password DHCP1 /
GS110T [none] password DHCP1 /
GS110TP [none] password DHCP1 /
GS116E [none] password DHCP1 /
GS510TP [none] password DHCP1 /
GS716T [none] password DHCP1 /
GS724AT [none] password DHCP1 /
GS724T [none] password DHCP1 /
GS724TP [none] password DHCP1 /
GS724TPS [none] password DHCP1 /
GS724TR [none] password DHCP1 /
GS724TS [none] password DHCP1 /
GS748AT [none] password DHCP1 /
GS748T [none] password DHCP1 /
GS748TP [none] password DHCP1 /
GS748TPS [none] password DHCP1 /
GS748TR [none] password DHCP1 /
GS748TS [none] password DHCP1 /
GSM712 admin password DHCP1
GSM712F admin password DHCP1
GSM7212 admin [none] DHCP1 /
GSM7224 admin [none] DHCP1 /
GSM7224R admin [none] DHCP1 /
GSM7228PS admin [none] DHCP1 /
GSM7248 admin [none] DHCP1 /
GSM7248R admin [none] DHCP1 /
GSM7252PS admin [none] DHCP1 /
GSM7312 admin [none] DHCP1 /
GSM7324 admin [none] DHCP1 /
GSM7328FS admin [none] DHCP1 /
GSM7328S admin [none] DHCP1 /
GSM7352S admin [none] DHCP1 /
HR314 admin password
JFS524E [none] password DHCP1 /
JGS524E [none] password DHCP1 /
JNR3210 admin password
JWNR2000 admin password
KWGR614 admin password
MBM621 admin password
MBR1210 admin password
MBR624GU admin password
MBRN3000 admin password
MR314 admin 1234
MR814 admin password
N450 admin password
RBK23W admin [none]
RBK30 admin password /
RBK40 admin password /
RBK44 admin password /
RBK50 admin password /
R6020 admin password
R6050 admin password
R6100 admin password
R6120 admin password
R6200 admin password
R6220 admin password
R6230 admin password
R6250 admin password
R6300 admin password
R6400 admin password
R6700 admin password
R7000 admin password
R7000P admin password
R7500 admin password
R7800 admin password
R7900 admin password
R8000 admin password
R8000P admin password
R8500 admin password
R9000 admin password
RH340 [none] [none]
RH348 [none] 1234
RM356 [none] 1234
RO318 admin 1234
RP114 admin 1234
RP614 admin password
RP614 admin password
RT311 admin 1234
RT314 admin 1234
RT328 [none] 1234
RT338 [none] 1234
WGM124 admin password
WGR101 admin password
WGR612 admin password
WGR614 admin password
WGR614 admin password
WGR614L admin password
WGR826V admin password
WGT624 admin password
WGT624 admin password
WGT624SC admin password
WGT634U admin password
WGU624 admin password
WNDR3300 admin password
WNDR3400 admin password
WNDR3700 admin password
WNDR37AV admin password
WNDR3800 admin password
WNDR4000 admin password
WNDR4300 admin password
WNDR4500 admin password
WNDR4700 admin password
WNDR4720 admin password
WNR1000 admin password
WNR1500 admin password
WNR2000 admin password
WNR2020 admin password
WNR2200 admin password
WNR2500 admin password
WNR3500 admin password
WNR3500L admin password
WNR612 admin password
WNR834B admin password
WNR834M admin password
WNR854T admin password
WNXR2000 admin password
WPN824 admin password
WPN824N admin password
WPNT834 admin password
XR500 admin password
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  • These NETGEAR switches have default IP addresses that are assigned via DHCP, meaning that the IP address will be different depending on the network the switches are installed on, information that you can get by checking the dynamic IP address that the DHCP server (often the router on the network) has assigned to it. The IP address listed next to some of the DHCP-assigned default IP addresses in the table above are the default IP addresses if and only if there is no DHCP device on the network or there was an issue assigning an IP.
  • The NETGEAR FSM726 network switch comes in three hardware versions. Version 1 & 2 both have a default password of 1234 while version 3 does not require a default password at all (i.e., leave it blank) and has a backup default IP of if there’s no automatic assignment by a DHCP server.
  • NETGEAR RP614 routers come in several hardware versions. Versions 1, 2, and 3 all have the default IP address of while version 4 and later all have the default IP of
  • The Versions 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 of the NETGEAR WGR614 router have a default IP address of Versions 6 and later have the default IP address of
  • WGT624 routers manufactured with hardware version 1 or 2 have a default IP address of while editions with version 3 or later have a default IP of

Do let me know if you can’t find your NETGEAR router, switch or other network devices on the list. I will be happy to send you default data I will find and add it to the table.

How to Change Your NETGEAR Default Password

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It is kinda nice that you own a NETGEAR router or switch with default data. But you should keep in mind, all of the password and usernames for their devices are known as you can see in the table above.

That certainly means anyone may access your NETGEAR device and made whatever changes he or she wanted to make. That includes injecting malware, sniffer or any other damage to your privacy or computing devices.

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So, the first thing you should do is; change the default password of your NETGEAR device and make it much difficult to guess.

How Do I Change My Network Device’s Password?

What to Do If the NETGEAR Default Password Doesn’t Work

If your Default Password for NETGEAR device doesn’t work, that means your device is no longer have a configured password. Simply reset the device to factory defaults.

How to reset NETGEAR Router?

On most NETGEAR routers, the factory reset process is pretty simple.

  1. Locate the “Reset” button.
  2. Insert a bent paper clip.
  3. Gently press and keep it pressed in for 10 seconds, or until the power light starts to blink.
  4. Release the “Reset” button.

NETGEAR Default Password

Once you release the “Reset” button, your NETGEAR device will restart automatically. When the power light turns solid white or green, your device is reset and running, now use the default password listed above or use the one at your routers back to login to your routers configuration panel.

If the process mentioned above didn’t work for you, you might need to refer to PDF manual for your NETGEAR router from their support.

What Should I Do If the NETGEAR Default IP Address Doesn’t Work

If the factory reset done, you may also have reset the IP address to the default. You can find your model in the table above.

Another option is to try or,

Another option to log in to your Routers configuration is using


The addresses as mentioned above will only work on your local network if you have NETGEAR device.

If you have not found the solution to your problem or Default NETGEAR Password for your device, comment below.

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