Voltme Revo 140W PD3.1 GaN Charger Review

by Adeel Younas
Voltme Revo 140W Charger Review

In today’s world filled with gadgets and devices, finding a versatile and efficient charger is crucial. The Voltme Revo 140W GaN charger is a compact powerhouse to handle all your charging needs. In this detailed review of Voltme Revo, we will explore its design, charging performance, and why it is among top-tier charging bricks.

Compact Design for Portability

The primary advantage of the Voltme Revo 140W GaN charger is its compact design. Weighing only 290 grams, it is about the same size as Apple’s 67W or 96W power adapters. Compared to Apple’s 140W charger the Voltme GaN charger is 13 percent smaller in volume. This compact size makes it easy to carry in a backpack or travel bag, making it an excellent companion for people on the go.


The use of Gallium Nitride (GaN) technology allows Voltme to create a compact charger. GaN chargers have gained popularity due to their smaller size, better thermal and power efficiency, and broad compatibility. It is a semiconductor material that replaces traditional silicon, enabling chargers to be smaller while conducting electricity more efficiently. GaN chargers also have higher thermal stability, keeping them cool even during extended usage.

Versatile Charging Performance

The Voltme Revo 140W GaN charger offers three charging ports: two USB Type-C and one USB Type-A. The ports have different power ratings and can be used for various devices. Here is a summary of the power output for each port:

  • USB Type-C (top): 140W
  • USB Type-C (bottom): 100W
  • USB Type-A: 22.5W

Voltme Revo 140W Charger Review

The charger can fast-charge a wide range of devices simultaneously. For example, the top port can charge a MacBook Pro, a Samsung Galaxy Flagship, and an iPhone or Android tablet all at once. Even when all ports are active, the charger supplies enough power to fast-charge multiple devices simultaneously.

It’s important to note that the Voltme Revo 140W charger may not fast-charge smartphones from brands like OnePlus, Oppo, or Vivo, which use proprietary fast-charging protocols. However, Xiaomi smartphones may still benefit from fast-charging due to better support for universal standards.

The Voltme Revo 140W charger supports the latest version of USB PD3.1, along with Programmable Power Supply (PPS) and Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 5.0. USB-PD ensures optimal power supply while minimizing electricity wastage, while PPS fine-tunes current and voltage output for efficient charging.

Efficient Charging Experience

Having used the Voltme Revo 140W GaN charger for over a month, I can attest to its excellent charging performance. Charging my 14-inch MacBook Pro M2 Pro, along with mobile phones and tablets, has been a breeze. Compared to the charger provided by Apple, which tends to heat up significantly, the Voltme GaN charger remains cool even when charging my MacBook and two additional devices simultaneously.

Voltme Revo 140W Charger Review

The Voltme charger charges my MacBook Pro to full capacity in approximately 1.5 hours, thanks to its GaN technology and lower heat generation. It also fast-charges other devices like the iPhone 14 Pro and the realme 9 Pro+ in a relatively short time.

Compatibility and Safety Features

The Voltme Revo is compatible with a wide range of devices, including smartphones, laptops, handheld gaming consoles, wearables, and other USB-powered accessories.

Voltme Revo 140W Charger Review

It offers surge protection and safeguards against over-voltage, short-circuiting, and overheating, ensuring the safety of your devices.

Considerations and Alternatives

As I explored the Voltme Revo 140W PD3.1 GaN charger, I couldn’t help but consider a few factors that might affect its suitability for certain users. One noteworthy consideration is the lack of support for proprietary charging standards. Being an owner of a realme phone, I would need to carry the official charger alongside for fast-charging capabilities. It’s important to keep this limitation in mind if you own a device that relies on a proprietary charging protocol.

While the Voltme Revo offers an enticing combination of performance and value at $100. Ugreen offers a 200W charger with six USB ports and a desk-friendly design, making it an attractive choice for users with multiple devices. However, it’s important to weigh the features and pricing of these alternatives against your specific needs before making a decision.

Voltme Revo Verdict

In conclusion, as a tech enthusiast who heavily relies on various devices, the Voltme Revo 140W PD3.1 GaN charger has proven to be a valuable addition to my charging setup. Its compact design, versatile charging performance, and safety features have exceeded my expectations.

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The GaN technology ensures efficient power delivery while keeping it cool, even during extended use. Despite the limitations with proprietary charging standards, the Voltme Revo 140W charger has become my go-to choice for fast-charging multiple devices simultaneously.

With its competitive pricing and reliability, the Voltme Revo has earned my trust as a top-tier charging solution. Whether I’m at home, in the studio, or on the go, I can rely on this charger. If you’re searching for a versatile and powerful charging brick, I highly recommend considering the Voltme Revo.


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