How to Quickly get to Kaer Morhen in Witcher 3


One of the most famous and enchanting places in Witcher 3 is Kaer Morhen, a place that has been training the Witchers for hundreds of years. So, you are looking for a quick way to get to Kaer Morhen. Well, that’s the reason you landed on this page!

The enchanting view, exciting quests, lost treasures, and unexplored mysteries make Kaer Morhen one of the most celebrated places in Witcher 3. So, everyone playing the game will be interested to get to Kaer Morhen as soon as possible. I’m here to help you get to that destination quickly.

How to quickly get to Kaer Morhen in Witcher 3

How to Get to Kaer Morhen?

The game allows you to visit Kaer Morhen at the very start of the game when Geralt is enjoying a bath, but that’s only part of an introductory tutorial. After that, you are sent to the White Orchard as the main plot of the game begins. The place is not accessible before a certain point in the game, and that specific point comes when Geralt completes the plot lines in Velen, Skellige, and Novigrad.

You must be patient, as reaching that point will take a while, especially when you are tempted to do side missions. It’s wise not to skip those side-quests tops and tasks as they provide you with more strength and rewards.

You come across several side missions and rewards, only available in Kaer Morhen, that make you grow stronger. Although you can see the location on the Worldmap, unfortunately, you can’t get there as the Signpost is missing. That’s the reason why you can’t explore Kaer Morhen at the initial stages of the game. Follow these steps to get to Kaer Morhen in the earliest possible way:

  1. Complete Act 1
  2. Talk to the stablemaster at Crow’s Perch.
  3. A new quest, namely “Ugly Baby,” will open up.
  4. Finish the main Ugly Baby quest.

Ugly Baby

  1. The quest will unlock lead you inside the Kaer Morhen fortress.
  2. The Kaer Morhen Signpost will unlock.

The list of quests in Witcher 3 includes the following:

Witcher 3 Quests


Act 1 Secondary Quests
Act 2 Treasure Hunts
Act 3 Contracts

DLC Quests

Hearts of Stone Blood and Wine


How to travel quickly to Kaer Morhen?

Once the Signpost for Kaer Morhen unlocks, you can visit it anytime you like and even in its surrounding region. For traveling to that location, walking on foot or riding a horse may not be enough, as you need to get there as fast as possible. So, you better try some quick trick.

So, what you do whenever you want to reach a certain place in the game quickly? Yes, you are thinking, right! Still, let me enlist the steps to follow here:

  1. Go to the closest Signpost that is marked green on the map.
  2. From there, go to the world map.
  3. In the top-right corner, choose the Kaer Morhen location.
  4. Lastly, select any signpost in that area and reach the place quickly.
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