The Key Of The One Divinity 2 – Explained

by Wajeeha Qureshi

Having trouble with the Key of the One? Can’t figure out what it unlocks?

Worry less! We’ll help you get straight to the answer. The Key of the One unlocks a room named ‘Armaments of the One’ on Nameless Island.

Let’s get to that step by step. Scroll on.

Disclaimer: The page contains spoilers for Divinity Original Sin 2.

Divinity Original Sin 2

The eagerly anticipated Divinity Original Sin 2 game is a sequel to the 2014’s Divinity Original Sin that was released for MS Windows in 2017, for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2018, and macOS in 2019.

The game was a big hit and a huge commercial success. Owing to its incredible gameplay, interactivity, and challenging combats, it was entitled to be one of the best role-playing games ever made.

the key of the one divinity 2

Explore the fantasy world of Rivellon, either alone or with a party of up to 4 players. Together you can make companions and combat your enemies in the battle of Divinity. Let’s move to the point and find out what Divinity -the Key of the One unlocks.

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Where to Use the Key of the One Divinity 2

There is a lot of cool stuff hidden in the Driftwood Arena in Divinity 2. If you have been victorious in the journey, you must have looted lots of items from the arena vault. And one of them is the famous and mysterious, the Key of the One.

You might be looking for some door or entrance that can be unlocked within the arena. But the door that unlocks with the key of the one is located in a different place.

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Finding the Door that Key of the One Unlocks

Enter the Academy on the Nameless Island. As you move forward in your main Divinity 2 quest, you’ll come across a locked door in the Teacher’s Hall.

Use the Key of the One to unlock the room named Armaments of the One. As you enter the room, you’ll find a huge portal, enter it, and it will help you get to the Proving Grounds. (the lock of the door can also be picked)

the key of the one

When you enter the portal, you see a dead bird named Ghechswoll, the Arena Master with which you can communicate with your Spirit Vision. The phantom bird will ask you about arenas where you have been victorious.

Once you answer it about your successful journey, it offers you an even more challenging mission. Accept the challenge and move into the chamber behind the phantom bird.

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Facing the Great Guardian

The moment you enter the Proving Grounds, you face a highly automated Proving Grounds’ boss –the Great Guardian. After seeing you, he will ask you to leave the place immediately.

If you don’t do so or try to start a dialog, combat starts and reveals two Eternal Protectors and two Eternals Sentinels. Focus on the Great Guardian because his cronies will die the moment you defeat him.

The boss is big and scary, and its size is what causes trouble as you fight. However, you can try devastating spells like Hailstorm or Thunderstorm on him.

After getting defeated, the boss drops a Divine-level loot, and you can also loot him for the Blade of the Swormbreaker. You will need it later for crafting the Swornbreaker weapon.

Now go back to Ghechswoll, the Arena Master, and she will declare you to be ‘The One.’

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Wrapping Up

Although the door that leads to the Proving Grounds can be lockpicked, you will still need the Key of the One to overcome the Driftwood arena. Because the arena comes far before the Academy.

The arena-part is optional in the quest, but it leaves you with a divine-level loot, the Swornbreaker Weapon, and lots of EXP (Experience points). Tempting! Challenging! And Awesome!

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