UGREEN Nexode 300W GaN Fast Charger Review: Just One Brick for All Devices

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Are you on the hunt for a all in one charger that can charge all of your devices? You may have come across the UGREEN Nexode 300W GaN fast charger. This new brick promises to deliver an 300W of power in an incredibly compact package. But how does it really measure up? In this in-depth review, I’ll be evaluating its features, performance, and overall value, to help you decide if it’s the right option for you.

Our review is based on Nexode 300W’s prolonged use with a range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to laptops and Macbook Pro. I’ve examined how effectively it charges, how hot it gets during operation, and how easy it is to use. Read on to get the low-down on this fast charger:

Unboxing the UGREEN Nexode 300W Charger

Upon opening the box, I was greeted by an organized arrangement of contents. The star of the show, was the Nexode 300W brick itself. Securely nestled in the box, the compactness was clear even before I had fully unpacked it.

  • Nexode 300W Charger: The charger itself was the star of the show. It was securely held in place within the box, and its compact size was evident even before taking it out.
  • 5-Foot USB C Cable: UGREEN included a generous five-foot 240W USB C cable, which was much appreciated. 
  • 6.5-Foot Power Cord: It had a long Power Cord along with It.
  • Small Instruction Manual: A concise instruction manual was included.

Unboxing the UGREEN Nexode 300W GaN fast charger was a smooth and pleasant experience. The careful arrangement of the charger and its accessories in the box suggested a thoughtful attention to detail from UGREEN.

UGREEN Nexode 300W Design and Features

Upon unboxing the UGREEN Nexode, one is immediately struck by its compact size. Measuring only 3.7 inches in height, 2.1 inches in width, and just shy of 4.5 inches in depth, this charger’s petite size belies its powerful capabilities.

Designed to sit upright supported by two rubber feet on its base, one can enjoy the flexibility of positioning it horizontally if that better suits their space.

UGREEN Nexode 300W

Though compact, the Nexode 300W GaN fast charger is far from light. Weighing just under two pounds without the cables, it’s clear that this device is intended to be a stationary home-based charging solution, rather than a portable, travel-friendly option.

Key Features

  • Compact Design: The Nexode 300W GaN charger’s small size (3.7″x2.1″x4.5″) makes it an ideal fit for any home or office setup.
  • Flexible Positioning: Designed to stand upright but can be laid horizontally if needed.
  • Hefty Weight: At nearly two pounds without the cables, it’s evident that this charger is meant to stay put rather than being carried around.

The two most significant being the power delivery (PD) 3.1 for the USB C ports, and Quick Charge (QC) 3.0 for the USB-A. These cover the vast majority of mobile devices, which means, with this charger, you should be able to fast-charge almost any device from one or the other port type.

Nexode 300W presents a bevy of built-in safety features. This ensures that your devices are not only charged quickly but also securely. In fact, this charger comes equipped with over-current, over-voltage, and short-circuit protection.

“UGREEN provides a 24-month warranty for the Nexode 300W GaN Fast Charger”

Different Ports and Their Charging

When it comes to the UGREEN Nexode 300W, each USB connection has a different output depending on the number of connected devices. You can expect a variety of charging capacities across its multiple ports, ensuring that every one of your devices receives adequate power.

UGREEN Nexode 300W Review Unboxing

Port Max Output (Multiple Devices) Max Output (Fewer Devices)
First USB-C Port 140W 140W
Second USB-C Port 65W 100W
Third USB-C Port 45W 100W
Fourth USB-C Port 20W 45W
USB-A Port 22.5W 22.5W

What this means is, if you have fewer devices plugged in, some of these ports can provide more power. For instance, the second and third USB-C ports can go up to 100W, while the fourth can provide 45W of power. Here’s power distribution chart from company for better understanding:

Power distribution of Nexode 300W GaN

Remember, the charging capacity of each port is subject to the number of devices connected to the charger at any given time. To get the most out of your this charger be sure to adjust your device connections according to your power needs.

Our Tests: Performance and Charging Speed

Wondering how fast the Nexode 300W Charger can power up your devices? Well, I was too, so I put it to the test. Here’s what I found.

The experiment involved charging several devices, including an iPhone 14 Pro Max, a MacBook Pro M1 Pro, and a Huawei Matebook D14, all of which were initially close to 0% battery.

I plugged in the MacBook Pro M1 Pro into the Nexode’s C1 port. This port can handle a max charging power of 140W. At the same time, the Huawei Matebook D14 was connected to the C3 port, which supports a maximum of 60W charging. And finally, I hooked up the iPhone 14 Pro Max to the C4 port, offering up to 30W of power.

UGREEN Nexode 300W Review Cables

Below is a comparative analysis of the devices’ charging statuses at different time intervals, giving a clear insight into the Nexode’s charging efficiency for each device.

Time MacBook Pro M1 Pro iPhone 14 Pro Max Huawei Matebook D14
10:30am 30% 40% 25%
11:00am 65% 60% 55%
11:20am 85% 80% 70%
11:35am 100% 95% 90%
11:50am 100% 100%

Charging Time for Multiple Device

As depicted in the table, the MacBook Pro M1 Pro fully charged in 1 hour and 35 minutes. The iPhone 14 Pro Max and the Huawei Matebook D14 took slightly longer, reaching full charge in 1 hour and 40 minutes and 1 hour and 50 minutes, respectively.

UGREEN Nexode 300W Review Cables

Device Port Power Charging Time
MacBook Pro M1 Pro C1 140W 1 hour 35 minutes
Huawei Matebook D14 C3 65W 1 hour 50 minutes
iPhone 14 Pro Max C4 30W 1 hour 40 minutes

What’s more, the charger’s intelligent power allocation system proved to be a major asset. It dynamically distributed the total output of 300W based on the power demand of each connected device. This ensured optimal charging performance for each device and demonstrated the charger’s capability to efficiently manage multiple power-hungry devices.

It’s worth noting that charging times may vary based on the specific power requirements of your devices. So, your mileage may vary.

However, given its performance in our tests, I am confident in saying that it offers impressive charging speeds. Whether you’re charging a single device or multiple devices at once.

Temperate Readings: How Hot It Can Get?

When investing in a charger that claims to simultaneously power multiple devices with a total output of 300W, the primary question that likely arises is, “How hot can the charger get?” After all, the last thing anyone wants is a charger that overheats, posing a risk to both your devices and your safety.

Nexode 300W has built-in thermal monitoring system. This charger takes 6000 temperature readings each minute to prevent the device from overheating. It’s a promising feature, but one must wonder how effective it is in practice.

In a recent review of UGREEN’s 140W Nexode charger, we observed that the device, while remaining within the thermal limit, did get a “little bit” warm. This brings into question the efficiency of its thermal monitoring system in a real-world scenario, especially when its power output is more than doubled in the 300W version.

Temperate Readings Results

The TechWafer team decided to put this 300W charger to the test and monitor its temperature when charging multiple devices. Here are our findings:

Number of Devices Combined Wattage Temperature (°C)
1 (Laptop) 60W 35.6
2 (Laptop + Phone) 115W 39.2
3 (Laptop + 2 Phones) 175W 42.8
4 (Laptop + 3 Phones) 235W 45.3
5 (Laptop + 4 Phones) 295W 47.6

As evidenced by the data, the temperature does increase with the number of devices and total wattage. However, it does not reach a dangerously high level that could potentially cause damage.

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Get Nexode 300W from UGREEN


Being able to eliminate several different wall chargers and the accompanying cable clutter from my desk was a game changer. Its diverse range of ports and compact design, given its capabilities, positions it as a wise investment.

Price is another factor worth mentioning. While the UGREEN Nexode 300W GaN fast charger offers good value, it’s not the cheapest option. However, there is a launch special that offers a $70 discount for the next couple of weeks.

  • If you already have all the chargers you need and don’t mind a bit of desk clutter, you might choose to save your money.
  • If you’re in the market for a new charger and want a solution that can handle all your devices, we haven’t found a better option.

In the final analysis, its advantages significantly outmatch its few drawbacks, making it a highly recommended choice for potential buyers.

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