How To Play Desktop Audio Through Discord

Play Desktop Audio with Discord

Guess what the fastest growing form of entertainment in the world is? It’s nothing other than e-sports. The great acclamation from an audience that escalated a couple of past years promises the arrival of absolute victory in the days to come. The advent of more innovative trends in the gaming arena has flooded the whole web, transforming the gaming evolution into a revolution.

  1. With the emergence of live game streaming at a single click, open-source broadcasting tools have flourished while watching hours of gaming video content have exploded over the internet.
  2. The arrival of creativity, freedom of creating and sharing content, and competition in the gaming arena have generated unique gameplay moments alluring millions of pre-teens to see gaming as an ideal career path.

What’s the Deal?

Want to know how to stream your game audio and voice through a single track in a call, jump over to the following link and grasp the very basics that will escort you towards the goal of excluding desktop audio from your microphone, and routing it to Discord. Lets get to know how to play desktop audio through discord.

After accomplishing the following three steps from the above link, hover to “Setting up VoiceMeeter.”

1. Software to Install

Play Desktop Audio Through Discord

2. Tweaking Sound Control Panel

Are your settings reverting? Go for the option Reduce the volume by 50%

3. Tweaking Discord

Check and fix the settings of discord or reset those by click on Default options in setting.

4. Setting up VoiceMeeter

It’s time to plunge into the advanced functionality of VoiceMeeter Potato.

5. Audio Routing

Each strip, having a total of 10 buttons (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, B1, B2, mono, solo and mute), with the above seven signifying the output to which audio from this strip is routed to.

Hardware Input 1: Nothing

Hardware Input 2: A1

VoiceMeeter VAIO: A1, B2

VoiceMeeter AUX: Nothing

6. Adding Output Hardware

Start with setting up your primary and secondary output devices to the five strips of A1, A2, A3, A4 and A5.

7. Adding Input Hardware

A. The microphone would be added as Input 1 from the drop list with no routing as

  • To prevent others from hearing our voice (disable B2) and
  • To avoid hearing echo of our voice (disable A1)

B. Virtual Audio Cable must be designated to Input 2.

This virtual cable will lead the output from Discord call to Output devices (A1, A2, etc.).

8. Adding Virtual Outputs

  • VoiceMeeter VAIO that sends audio to Discord is left unrouted.
  • VoiceMeeter AUX, capturing all audio from windows and all of its applications, leads audio to Output devices and Discord call.

Troubleshooting to Play Desktop Audio Through Discord

If all the configurations have been a complete mess for you, try the troubleshooting case.

  • Keep an eye out for new system updates
  • Updating audio drivers – Navigate to the “Audio inputs and outputs section from the Task Manager and right-click to update your drivers.
  • Uninstall updates causing Audio issues–By clicking on “View Update History” from “Updates & Security” tab.

Excellent!!! After reading dozens of intricate paragraphs, still retaining patience is admirable!!! You seem smart enough to follow in my footsteps keenly because one wrong move by a blockhead can engage him near to jeopardizing his whole audio system.

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Adeel Younas

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