How To Set Do Not Disturb Discord

How To Set Do Not Disturb Discord

Tired of the multiple notifications popping up on the screen? Luckily, Discord provides its members with a feature to get rid of all such notifications.

Discord creates private and public communities, providing all its members a perfect platform to call home. Discord has something for everyone to like. Inspired by the status option in several other VoIP and chat platforms, Discord also set up a User Status feature for its users.

Discord’s User Status feature, a small but notable one, benefits its members with several online statuses that let you choose how you appear to other Discord family members. This feature consists of four different statuses you have to choose manually, including Discord Online status with a green dot, Discord Idle status with a yellow crescent, Discord Do not Disturb status with a red dot, and Discord Invisible status with a grey circle. These colored signs appear with your profile picture in Discord. You can also add a custom status of your own choice in text and adding an emoji with it if you want.

Do not Disturb Discord disables all the desktop and push notifications, including those you mentioned. It tells other users that you are not available for chat. You can choose Do not Disturb status on Discord by following a few simple steps:

How to Set DND on Discord Desktop

  1. Go to your avatar at the bottom left of Discord and click on it.

2.Choose the Do not Disturb (DnD) status.

How to Set DND on Discord Mobile

  1. Select the hamburger menu () at the top left of Discord.

2. Click on your profile picture at the bottom right of the screen that shows up.

3. A status-picker menu pop-up appears. Tap Set Status.

4. Tap Do not Disturb (DnD) on the screen appears.

Going to “Do not Disturb” mode automatically mutes any of the Discord desktop/mobile notifications you’d normally receive. A red indicator appears with your profile picture after setting yourself to Do not Disturb. This red dot indicates to other members that you may be online, but you will not receive any notifications if they text you. That’s how you can use the app without others knowing you are online.

If you wish to change your status back to Online, you have to repeat the same process and select Online instead.

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