How To Get Discord Badges?

by Wajeeha Qureshi
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Always wanted to show off your discord profile? You can now avail of Badges for that!

Discord offers its users a chance to get different badges that differentiate a single person or a user from different groups or other users. Discord badges create an image of your profile. A user has to achieve some goal to get a Discord badge. Some are easily received, while others take time and are challenging. While speaking about badges you might want to know How to Quote Someone on Discord.

Badges display on the user’s profile card in a hierarchical order, and if a user has multiple badges, all will appear stacked. For accessing someone’s profile, click them and choose “View Profile” by hitting over their avatar.

So how to get discord badges? It’s easy, here’s a brief layout of all Discord badges and how they will look like on your profile!

Common Profile Badges

1- The HypeSquad House Badges

This includes three badges namely HypeSquad Brilliance, HypeSquad Balance, and HypeSquad Bravery.How To Get Discord Badges?HypeSquad House Badges

These are the only badges you can win by taking the HypeSquad quiz. You just need to follow these 3 simple steps:

1. Open Discord and press the “Settings” icon. It is the cog icon right next to the headphones and microphone menu close to your profile picture.

How To Get Discord Badges?1

2. Select the “HypeSquad” in the “Discord Nitro” menu.

How To Get Discord Badges?2

3. Click the “Join HypeSquad” in the new menu. This option leads you to a survey. Here you just need to answer some questions. Once you have answered all the questions, you will receive one of these three badges, depending on our results.How To Get Discord Badges?3

Take the quiz and see yourself if you are meant for the House of Bravery, Brilliance, or Balance. To make usage of discord more fun these are Funny Discord Status you might find interesting.

2- Discord Nitro Badge

How To Get Discord Badges?nitro

Someone with this badge has been subscribed to Discord. Both Nitro Classic and Nitro members will get the same badge. By hovering over the badge, it shows when the user joined Nitro.

3- Server Booster BadgeHow To Get Discord Badges?booster

You can get this badge when you boost one or more servers for a specific time and a pink gem appears on your profile. This batch changes its look with the passage of time, depending on how long you boost your favorite server.

Rare Badges

1- HypeSquad Events Badge

It is a rare and popular badge. Its yellow logo looks really amazing.How To Get Discord Badges?HS Events

To get this badge, you have to visit the Discord HypeSquad website, where you can apply for the badge. Only the event attendee or the coordinator can get this badge. To keep this badge, you have to visit conventions in the name of HypeSquad; and you will let Discord know the events you have visited by uploading the proof of your visited conventions. Here’s a sample you would have to upload!

2- Discord Bug Hunter Badge

It is a very cool and rare green badge you can’t miss.How To Get Discord Badges?BH

U have to join Discord test servers in order to achieve this badge. It is awarded to the most hard-working user in the Bug Hunter community. You have to find and report all the bugs and glitches you can find. Discord will reward you the batch only if you find a worthy glitch or bug.

Legendary Badges

1- Partnered Server Owner Badge

The blue logo of the Discord Partnered server owner Badge looks really cool.How To Get Discord Badges?Partner

Partnership with Discord will unlock special features for the server owner. If you owe this badge, you get a 100% discount on a Nitro subscription.

2- Early Supporter Badge

This badge has a very captivating design. It is one of the rarest badges in Discord.How To Get Discord Badges?ES

It is given, as a thank-you gift, to only those Discord users who supported Discord in its early years. But you can’t get it anymore. People who subscribed to Discord Nitro before September/October 2020 received this badge.

Mythic Badges

1- Discord Staff Badge

How To Get Discord Badges?Staff

Very few people own this badge as this is issued only to Discord Staff. This badge distinguishes between users from staff.

Go ahead and try to achieve any of these badges. It is pretty much challenging and fun!

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