Discord Voice Debug Guide – Fix Can’t Hear you Buddies?

Discord Voice Debug Guide

Our Discord Voice Debug guide is going to help you get rid of the audio bugs that you can’t solve with common voice bug solutions.

Can’t hear your friends on your voice channel? Or they can’t hear you even when you shout at the top of your voice. Well, the problem may get solved by a simple restart and resets.

Before you move towards troubleshooting, first restart your PC, then launch Discord and go to its Voice Settings. Check if the input device is the one you are currently using.

Also, make sure your microphone is enabled in your PC settings and the drivers and software for the microphone and speakers are updated.

Discord Voice Debug Guide

Perform the following common checks before you proceed towards troubleshooting Discord voice.

  1. Check whether your speakers and microphone are working properly.
  2. Check if the peripherals are connected properly or not.
  3. Re-launch Discord or restart your PC.
  4. Turn off any other voice-altering application, if running.
  5. Reset your voice settings in Discord.
  6. In User Settings> Audio& Video, set the Audio Subsystem to Legacy and refresh Discord.

Discord Voice Debug Guide

Discord Voice Debug Panel

If the problem persists, you may break into Discord’s Voice Debug panel and make a few changes there. Let’s see how we can do that.

  1. Connect to your voice channel.

2. Open the Voice Info tab as shown in the image below.

3. Hit Debug.

Discord Voice Debug Guide

Now as we have jumped into debugging, you’ll see that Discord’s Debug panel contains lots of tech jargon and technical details that you are not expected to deal with. Anyhow, the panel acts as a great self-diagnostic tool. Read onto know more.

1. Ensure Transport Options Match Data Flags

Discord sets up 9 checks ensuring compatibility between VoIP system setting and your client voice settings. You can check each option by hovering over your mouse. A red X indicates the presence of a bug on Discord’s end.

2. Check Input Volume Levels

It applies checks if the mic is connected properly and the volume is audible. If any of the checkboxes is red, hover your mouse over it to learn what’s the problem.

3. Check Input & Output Devices

The section checks whether your devices are working properly or not.

4. Check Muted and Low Volume Users

The Low Volumes checkbox lets you know if you have adjusted a very low volume for some user, and the Muted checkbox tells you if you have forgotten to unmute a friend you yours you muted earlier.

The next four pages in the Voice Debug panel can be summarized in two categories:

1. Flags and I/O Devices

The Flags page contains information about the type of Encryption, Echo Cancellation, and Gain Cancellation in use. Plus, it gives some details about Voice Activation Delay and numerical values for speakers and the mic being used.

The Input-Output Devices page covers all the reference details that help you check for problems.

2. Local Users and User

You can see the ping and latency graphs here. Plus, it maintains all stuff about your audio exchange in the form of a stat sheet that helps you to point out problems easily.

I know the problem – What next?

Now after you have known the root problem, let’s deal with the errors on our side. Follow these steps:

Voice Debug Diagnostics

  1. Go to the Diagnostics tab in the Voice Debug panel.
  2. Hit Save Diagnostics.

Discord Voice Debug Guide

3. It will download a file .JSON format. You can send it to Discord Support for help.

DirectX Diagnostic Dump

  1. Open Run app by hitting Start+R keys together.
  2. In the input field, type dxdiag and hit the Run button. Now, wait until the green progress bar gets fully loaded.

3. Click on the Save All Information button.

It saves all the diagnostics information that you can share with Discord and let them deal with it.

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